What Makes Readlee One of the Best Reading Apps for Kids?

Educators and parents are well aware that a student’s reading level is important throughout their academic journey. When fifth grade teacher, Amy, started using Readlee in her classroom, she quickly saw growth in students’ fluency through benchmark testing. One of her struggling students was reading only 18 words per minute at the beginning of the school year, but within just a couple months of using Readlee he was reading 106 words per minute. “We are a title one school, so kids don’t have all the advantages of other schools,” Amy explains. “So Readlee has been huge for us.”

Amy uses Readlee as a literacy tool for several subjects including English, social studies, and even math. She loves that Readlee holds students accountable with the ability to read aloud, play the recording back, and listen to themselves. Before Readlee, she had her students practice fluency with partners, but if the partner didn’t know how to pronounce the word they wouldn’t mark it as wrong. Readlee was able to solve this issue by providing fluency data and progress monitoring, allowing Amy to meet each student exactly where they were at. 

Teachers and students using Readlee not only get a renewed chance to practice fluency consistently in any grade with grade level content, they also get valuable feedback that will increase their skills, accountability, and confidence as readers. 

The Best Reading Apps for Kids Produce Results

Readlee has been proven as a way to increase quality instructional time by ensuring all students are listened to when they read aloud. Readlee’s speech recognition software measures accuracy, pace, completion, and total time, pages, words, new words read, and more. This data enables teachers to see exactly where each student is at with their reading progress. 

Educators using Readlee have seen results similar to the ones Amy achieved with her class. In 2021, Readlee conducted a case study. From February to May, two 10th grade English classrooms used Readlee, and a third classroom, the control group, did not use Readlee. The classrooms that used Readlee outperformed the control classroom on standardized assessments. Compared to the control classroom, a higher percentage of students in the Readlee classrooms scored at least 75%, indicating some degree of mastery of the material. Additionally, a lower percentage of students in the Readlee classrooms scored below 50%, indicating that Readlee helps reduce the percentage of the students who struggle with the material.

The data from this case study shows that Readlee is effective in increasing students’ foundational literacy skills and reading comprehension skills while simultaneously increasing teachers' ability to collect and respond to data.

What Makes Readlee Fun for kids?

Time spent reading is a critical indicator of student academic outcomes and has been tied to vocabulary development, fluency, comprehension, and general intellectual development. Yet American children read for 15 minutes a day or less. Millions of kids simply do not read. 

One of the ways we solve this at Readlee is by making reading fun! The best reading apps for kids are the ones kids get excited to use. To make reading fun for kids, Readlee offers several gamification features. Below are a few favorites derived from feedback from real students who use Readlee. 

Just-in-time scaffold. Students can click on any word hear pronunciations, read definitions, and synonyms

Reading metrics. Students can review words read per minute, total words, correct words, and more.

Read aloud. Students love that they can record themselves, play back the audio, and hear themselves read.

Student feedback. Students can receive written, recorded, or emoji feedback on their assignments. 

Student avatar. Students can make an avatar and earn points from each completed assignment that they can put towards gaining accessories for their avatars.

What Makes Readlee Fun for Teachers?

We like to think that the good things in life are often free — and that can mean some of the best reading apps for kids can be free for teachers too. That’s right, in addition to all the great features and data that Readlee offers, it’s also free for teachers to sign up and create an account. 

Readleeoffer plans for every classroom, school, and district. The Readlee Basic Plan is always free for teachers and contains all the core features teachers need to drive reading practice. Interested in trying Readlee? Create your free account here!

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