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Effortlessly identify struggling readers, monitor progress, and automate differentiated scaffolding

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Improve Academic Outcomes by Hearing Students Read

Readlee uses the latest in Read Aloud AI to give educators actionable insights for all their readers.

Actionable Insights
Know who's read — and who hasn't — on any assignment at a glance. Quickly identify struggling readers.
Data Driven Outcomes
Effortlessly monitor reading fluency, vocabulary acquisition and practice time using objective data.
Save time and provide a personalized learning experience with Smart Scaffolding.

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What Teachers Are Saying

"Readlee lets me see exactly how much students read and where they struggled. It's a total game changer."

Kathleen Frank, Master Teacher at D.S.S.T.

Readlee saves me time and gives me better data. With 108 students, there was not enough time to sit and listen to every student read."

Ayanna Robinson, 6th Grade Teacher

"Immediately using Readlee, students wanted to improve and I knew it was a good choice."

Esther Bates, 5th Grade Teacher

Teachers are using Readlee for...

English Language Learners

Empower students to authentically practice all four domains (reading, writing, listening, speaking) with individualized scaffolds to meet each student where they are

Home & Class Work

Flip the class. Know if students have read before they arrive. In class, run small groups reading the content of the day aloud

Independent Reading

Foster a confidence and love of reading with physical books or online reading. Always know the quality and quantity of practice to celebrate growing reading habits

Remote / Hybrid Learning

Have no doubt about the quality and quantify of student reading practice regardless of the circumstance

RTI & IEP Goals

Seamlessly create targeted support for Response to Intervention & Individualized Education Programs. Set RTI and/or IEP goals and easily progress monitor development


Give that extra support students need by providing that extra practice time

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Smart Scaffolding for ELLs

25% of US Public school students speak another language at home. Readlee’s assets-based approach enables teachers to support ELL students by seamlessly targeting their needs

Set Examples
Read aloud to students so they can hear and emulate the prosody of your voice
Smart Questions
Enable students to answer questions in spoken or written form to practice core modalities
Real-Time Feedback
Students hear their own voices played back and receive real-time accuracy, new words read, and total time read
Vocab Previews
Automatically provide personalized vocabulary previews to each student based on their reading level


Home Language Synonyms
Our dictionary offers both English and home-language synonyms

Reading Science in our DNA

Readlee was developed by Master Teachers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The world's leading experts on the science of reading provided ongoing insights into the development of the platform. Every feature is grounded in the latest science of reading.

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