Know What Your Students Read for Reading Homework Instantly

You know that satisfaction you feel when all your students do their reading homework? When everybody is putting in their best effort and it’s really paying off?

No? Do you find it hard to tell if you are making progress or not?

Achievement in reading can be hard to measure. How can anybody get true satisfaction without tangible results? Even a stack of signed reading logs just doesn’t compare to seeing real gains in real time.

Readlee is an exciting new tool that uses AI technology to track student progress as they develop their reading mastery through grades K-12. Here are some of the reasons why teachers and students benefit when you know what your students read for homework:

Measurable Results

Readlee provides a solution to help teachers track and celebrate student progress in real time. As students read aloud to Readlee, the software captures valuable data about how their reading ability is improving over time. Teachers gain invaluable insights into how students are progressing, with unique word counts and fluency data.

Mitigation of Learning Losses

What’s more, when teachers have access to this real-time data on student learning, they are able to quickly mitigate deficiencies before they become more serious.

In the wake of serious learning losses during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting school closures, solutions are needed to help students and teachers make up lost time.

The task is enormous. Every state in the country is grappling with their own unique circumstances and developing strategies and approaches to help students get back on track. With so much lost ground to make up, how can we make sure that every student is getting the support and instruction that they need to succeed? Readlee helps you see what you can’t see.

A Tool for Equity

The pandemic itself exposed inequities that have made the loss of classroom instruction time even more devastating for some of our most vulnerable children. McKinsey and Company released a report in July of 2021 that revealed a loss of more than six months of learning in low-income school districts, and similar losses in minority communities. Readlee will give you insights into how all students are doing even when they cannot be in the classroom with you.

After COVID, the challenges facing educators are very real, and Readlee is the perfect tool to help you know what you need to know to help your students where they are.  

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