Teacher Spotlight: Using Readlee to track fluency growth

Gayle Brannan, a veteran 4th grade teacher, found Readlee at the beginning of the 21-22 school year and “boy was I thankful” she says. When she tested student fluency at the beginning of the school year she found that “a majority of [her] students were struggling with reading fluency, which was affecting their comprehension.”  

Readlee helped Brannan track and progress monitor fluency growth, while saving her much needed time to design and implement data-driven interventions. “Readlee was easy to set up and my students were able to log in right away!” 

Assign “Whole-Group” Fluency

One way that Brannan uses Readlee on a weekly basis is by assigning fluency tasks to her whole class of fourth graders. Setting up this assignment takes less than 10  minutes and can include any of the 5 types of texts available in our  assignment builder. She assigns a passage to her whole class, or groups based on student needs and levels. 

Review and Track WCPM as often as needed

To track growth in a comprehensive way, it is necessary to get many data points to ensure a full picture of student accomplishments and areas for growth. Traditional methods of collecting this data were time intensive and required individual assessments for each student. With Readlee, Brannan tracks words correct per minute data (as well as total time read, words read and completion) on every single reading students do. This data gives her real time data so that she can review and address student needs weekly, instead of on a quarterly (or longer) basis. 

Record Students’ Read and Retell

Having students retell the story in their own words is a strong way to understand student comprehension of the story. With scaffolded comprehension questions, including the choice to record or write the question and answer, teachers are able to understand what students know and where they can grow. 

Not only does Ms. Brannan save time and collect literacy data with every reading,  her students' engagement has increased. “They love setting goals, tracking their fluency, charting their growth!” Together, Brannan and her students are partnering to take charge of their reading growth and build life-long readers. 

Do you have student reading and growth that you want to celebrate? Let us know here and you could be our next spotlight!

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