New Readlee for the New Year

During the last year, Readlee’s team has been listening to everything teachers and students tell us about how to improve Readlee. We have been working hard to build a new and improved Readlee that does everything you love about the old app, with added features you asked for. We are still listening and looking for feedback as we continue to grow and improve to meet the literacy needs of each student in every classroom.

Transcriptions of Student Recordings

Reading practice by reading aloud is valuable. Teachers around the country have demonstrated student growth using Readlee. We have improved teachers' abilities to know how that practice is going by providing a transcript of the errors, substitution and missed words for each student recording. Similar to a running record, this allows teachers (and students) to see in a glance how the practice went.

More Ways to Differentiate

Readlee is designed to give each teacher as many tools as possible to address the unique needs of the students in their classroom. Here are some of the ways that we have built in differentiation for all:

  1. Assign an assignment to one student, a group of students or all students in a class.
  2. Added Words Correct Per Minute (WCPM) to teacher dashboard so you can have an even better idea of how students are doing.
  3. Student choice option added so that students can choose how to respond to comprehension questions.
  4. With a premium subscription, you will have access to even more data metrics. This includes accuracy, time spent reading and the number of correct words read.

Easier Navigation Experience for Students and Teachers

As a team of former teachers, we understand that teacher time is a scarce resource. Our new folder system is designed with teachers in mind. You can seamlessly transition from looking at assignments to classes and the assignments assigned to each. Check it out below!

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